Experience the Food and Wines of Piedmont Italy by our wine tours

The food and wines of Piedmont are just an experience on their own and best discovered through our regional gourmet wine tours.  The wines and the cuisine are difficult to separate from the Piedmont culture, with many of the wines being the most awarded wines of Italy.

The Piedmont Wines

When Andrea Zanfi started his work on writing series of books about the Italian wine producers he decided in the very beginning to visit Piedmont last.  The reason was that he felt he would not be ready to take on the Piedmont wines unless having been exposed first to all the other wine producing regions.  He was aware of that the Piedmont wine producers make the most sophisticated and awarded wines of all of Italy, with much emphasis on the grapes authentic characteristics. In addition to wines like Barbera, Barolo, Barbaresko and Nebbiolo, in Piedmont there is big productions of white wines and sparkling wines.  Tasting the wines of Piedmont is an essential part of experiencing the region and in helping to engrave the memories of your visit through the smell and taste of these unique wines. For this our wine tours are an excellent introduction.

We provide guiding wine tours fore those who want to visit wine producers and make wine tasting an important part of their visit, even assisting you with transporting the wine you buy to your home.  Spring and fall we organize special food and wine tours and visits to many of the multiple wine and food festivals in the region (see Events) where you get the opportunity to taste multiple wines (in some cases 50-150 different wines) in a short period of time. This is a unique tasting experience for creation of a future reference point, not only for Piedmont wines, but for the future tasting of any wine.


For more information on Piedmont wines: http://winecountry.it/regions/piedmont/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piemonte_(wine)

The Food

The Piedmont cuisine is unique and is based on the produce of the land with emphasis on vegetables, cheeses, salami, nuts and truffles. It has its roots on one hand in  the noble tradition of the court of Savoy and on the other hand in the peasant traditions.

The slow food  movement was born in Langhe in Piedmont the year 1986 and emphasizes the use and consumption of produce originating in the immediate surrounding for guarantee of maximum freshness and minimal need for long distance transport with environmental friendliness in mind.

Within short distances from Casa Nuova  there are multiple restaurants in the various villages and towns and out in the countryside.  These restaurants are of exceptional quality and serve rich dishes that developed through the centuries from the produce and tradition of the Piedmont farmers under the influence of the sumptuous banquets of the court of Savoy.  The Alba region of Piedmont is the biggest center auctioning off white truffles and in the months of September to November are widely served at restaurants in Piedmont.

For information on Piedmont recipes: http://visitpiedmont.blogspot.com/p/piedmontese-cuisine.html


Our guided food and wine tours are an excellent introduction to these important gems of the Piedmont culture.